Traffic Tickets

If you receive a traffic ticket in California, you may think that you should just pay it and forget about it.  However, there can be several serious consequences of taking this approach, which is why it is important.

Consequences of Traffic Tickets in California

Receiving a traffic ticket in California can cause several negative consequences, including:

  • Loss of money – You may pay large fines and court fees. If you have too many points, you can lose your driver’s license and then will have to pay reinstatement fees.  If you enroll in traffic school, there are additional fees for this.  
  • Additional points on your driving record – Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket usually results in adding several points to your driving record. This can cause your insurance rates to go up and eventually lead to the suspension of your driver’s license.
  • Lost time – If you go to traffic school, you will have to spend eight hours of your time.

José Velásquez, Sr. is dedicated to helping you eliminate or minimize these consequences by providing you with exemplary legal services.

Protecting Your Interests at All Times

If you receive a traffic citation, José Velásquez, Sr. can help you fight it.  He seeks to have your ticket dismissed without the accumulation of any points or traffic school.  He will carefully review your case and determine your legal options.  

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