x Jose Velasquez Sr.


Rebecca Gilpas

| November 5, 2020

I hired Jose to help out with a couple of car accidents where my accidents were complicated because of something that wasn’t my fault. I was worried because I wasn’t sure how to sort out everything but Jose got it sorted out after just a couple of meetings. Jose made the transition of my cases a lot stress free while he worked. I’d hire him again.

Reyes Rivera

| November 1, 2020

Joe Velasquez is an attorney who has plenty of success in law He has that boldness and legal cause consumers expect their attorneys to be competent and confident and joe has those attributes.

Robert Reyes

| October 28, 2020

Knowledgeable of the law, and a fierce performer towards his client’s legal rights under the written law.

Nancy Varela

| October 28, 2020

Jose A. Velasquez assisted us with an issue in our family several years ago. Mr. Velasquez is a caring, quick-working, empathetic, and well prepared as he helped us through my situation. I would not hesitate to ask for his assistance again. He was extremely helpful with us, and our lives were changed for the better because of him.

Alan C.

| October 27, 2020

Mr. Velasquez Is knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. He definitely fights from start to finish. He will keep open line communication throughout your case and always shoots for the best possible outcome. I would definitely recommend Mr. Velasquez to anyone. Thank you for all your help!

Manuel Ruelas

| October 27, 2020

I know Jose Angel Velazques for over 25 years, and I know for a fact that his very professional and diligent when dealing with clients, he has been a leader in our community as Judge and as an Attorney, and in my personal experience he always works on his clients best interest. When it comes to his profession Velazsques Law Firm or Jose Angel Velazques is known to take his business very personal, to deliver the best results possible. Thanks Manuel Ruelas (831) 595-3222 manruelas1@gmail.com

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