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Santa Cruz County DUI Lawyer

Santa Cruz County DUI Lawyer

If you are looking for a competent Santa Cruz County DUI Lawyer who can successfully fight for your cases at court without having to suffer any losses at all, then Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., is the right man for the job.

About Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr.

Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., is the only lawyer who previously served as a Superior Court involved in cases before the halls of the Supreme Court of the United States. His 37 years of legal experience and in-depth law knowledge make him the most sought-after Santa Cruz DUI Lawyer.

He has also been featured in many news outlets and publications, such as The Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Santa Clara County Bar Association Magazine, and KQED’s Forum.

What Sets Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr. Apart?

Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., is the Santa Cruz DUI Lawyer that you need on your side if you want to win your case. He has an impressive success rate in court and knows precisely what to do to help you get the best possible outcome for your situation.

In addition to his legal expertise, Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., is a highly compassionate individual who genuinely and sincerely cares about his clients and well-being. He will be there with you every step of the way to provide support and guidance, no matter how difficult the situation may seem.

If you are looking for a Santa Cruz DUI Lawyer who can help you get through your legal troubles with as little stress as possible, then Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., is the man for the job. Contact his law office today to discuss your case and find out how he can help you get the best possible outcome.

DUI Services Offered

Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., is very skilled and well-versed in DUI services. His level of expertise in handling cases of drinking under the influence in Santa Cruz County is unrivaled.

Some of the DUI services that he offers include:

  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
  • Driving with a Recorded Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or More
  • Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated
  • Drunk in Public

In addition, Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., ensures that each of his clients receives the best possible representation by providing a free consultation. Please schedule an appointment today to discuss your case with him and get started on building a solid defense.

There is often hope in DUI cases because police officers can make mistakes during roadside investigations.

DUI Case

Fighting DUI Case – Breathalyzers & Blood Tests

While breathalyzers and blood tests are the most common ways to measure someone’s blood alcohol content (BAC), they are not always accurate. Several factors can affect the accuracy of these tests, including the type of machine used, how well it is calibrated, and the person’s physiology.

Also, diabetes and acid reflux are two medical conditions that can cause a BAC reading that is too high. So, it’s essential to consider all these things when figuring out what a BAC test means.

Field Sobriety Tests

Every year, thousands of people are arrested for DUI based on the results of field sobriety tests. However, many of these arrests are based on false positives. Field sobriety tests are notoriously subjective, and their accuracy depends heavily on the interpretation of the officer administering the test.

In some situations, police officers may be more likely to interpret the results in a way that helps the prosecution. In other cases, officers may be incorrect in their assessment. Either way, innocent people can and do end up facing serious charges due to field sobriety tests.

In short, there are many ways to challenge a DUI case, giving you a much better chance than you think of beating the charges or minimizing the damage.

Many people arrested for DUI think wrongly that there is no way they can get out of it. However, experienced DUI defense lawyers know how to capitalize on these issues to win cases.

The DUI Arrest Process

The DUI Arrest Process

After a person is arrested for DUI, they will be taken to the police station for booking. During this step, the officer making the arrest will get basic information from the person being arrested, like their name and address. The officer will also take their photograph and fingerprints.

Once the booking is complete, the arrestee will be taken to a holding cell until they are sober enough to be released. In most cases, this takes several hours. In some cases, an arrestee can be held overnight.

Upon release, you should be given two documents:

  1. a citation to appear in court, and
  2. a pink temporary license.

The release process can vary depending on the arresting agency. For example, in some cases, an arrestee may be able to post bail and be released on their recognizance. In other cases, they may have to appear before a judge to determine bail.

After an arrestee is released, they will be given a date to appear in court, typically several weeks after the arrest. At the arraignment, the charges against the defendant will be read aloud, and they will be asked to enter a plea.

If the defendant pleads guilty or has no contest, they will be sentenced immediately. If they plead not guilty, their case will proceed to trial.

A DUI conviction can lead to jail time, probation, fines, and losing your driver’s license, among other things. Sometimes, you may also have to put a device in your car that checks the key before it starts. Therefore, if you have been charged with a DUI, it is crucial that you speak with a qualified DUI defense attorney as soon as possible to assess your legal options.

DUI Penalties

Different punishments are given for DUI, depending on the circumstances of the crime and where it happened; however, some common penalties are typically imposed.

If you get a DUI for the first time, you can expect to pay fines, have to take alcohol education classes, and have your license taken away. In some circumstances, you may be forced to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

A second-offense DUI is punishable by more severe penalties, including jail time. A third-offense DUI is usually considered a felony and can result in a prison sentence.

In addition to any criminal penalties, your license may be suspended or taken away if you are convicted of DUI. In California, you must go through a DMV hearing to see if your driving privileges will be suspended or revoked.

To avoid these serious problems, you should talk to an experienced DUI defense attorney who can help you fight the charges against you.

The DMV Process

After a person is arrested for DUI, their driver’s license will be automatically suspended or revoked. In most cases, the arresting officer will take the license and issue a temporary paper license. The arrestee will then have to go through a DMV hearing to determine whether or not their license will be permanently suspended or revoked.

At the DMV hearing, the arresting officer will testify about the circumstances of the arrest. The arrestee will also have an opportunity to present evidence and testimony. The DMV will decide whether or not to suspend or revoke the arrestee’s license after looking at all the evidence.

If your license is suspended or revoked, you can get a restricted license that allows you to drive to and from work or school. In some cases, you may also get a hardship license that allows you to drive for medical or other essential purposes.

To get a restricted or hardship license, you will typically have to show that you have completed an alcohol education program and that you are not likely to drink and drive again. You will also have to pay a fee and submit to regular breathalyzer tests.

Some of the ways that Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., can help you include:

  • Analyzing the arresting officer’s conduct to see if there were any constitutional violations
  • Examining the calibration and maintenance records of the breathalyzer or blood test machine used to determine your BAC
  • Making sure that you were read your Miranda rights before being interrogated
  • Collecting witnesses who can testify on your behalf
  • Building a strong defense gives you the best chance of winning your case or reducing the penalties you are facing.

Other Services Offered

Aside from his forte DUI cases, Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., is also highly competent in handling other types of cases. His 37 years of legal experience has made him familiar with every situation possible, allowing him to win most of his cases and bring justice and equality to his clients.

Some of the other services that he offers include:

  • Family Law
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Civil Litigation
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Entities Formation and Dissolution

If you require an attorney who can provide you with exceptional legal services in any situation, then contact Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr.

Practice Areas

Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr. offers legal services in the following practice areas:

  • Family Law
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Civil Litigation
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Entities Formation and Dissolution
  • Santa Cruz County DUI Lawyer


You can depend on Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., for defending your cases, wherever you are in California. Some of the locations he services include:

People living in these places can be safe and feel at ease with Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., because he will personally ensure that he will attend to your needs as a client.

Why Choose Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr.

There are a lot of Santa Cruz County DUI lawyers out there, but many people still choose Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr.

For one, he has over 37 years of legal experience, making him highly skilled and knowledgeable in various legal areas. As mentioned earlier, his Superior Court Judge experience makes him an expert in DUI law.

In addition, he is a member of several esteemed organizations such as the Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County Bar Associations, the American Bar Association, and the National College for DUI Defense.

Second, he is a very successful lawyer with an impressive track record of winning cases. Many people have genuinely attained the justice and equality they deserve because of him. Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., considers every case necessary, whether a DUI case or a family law case.

Most importantly, Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., has a heart for people, and he genuinely cares about his clients. He provides personal and focused attention to them and makes sure that they receive the best possible legal representation. You can rely on him for support and understanding, as well as expert legal services.

Third, he genuinely cares about his clients and their well-being, providing support and guidance through thick and thin. For him, every client is a family member, and he wants to see them succeed in life. He treats everyone as a loving father, which is why people feel so comfortable and confident entrusting their legal cases to him.

Finally, he offers free consultations to all of his clients, so you can get a feel for his services and how he can help you before making any decisions. Free consultations offer the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get a realistic idea of what to expect from your case.

Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., believes that it is vital for you to have all the facts before making any decisions about your legal situation. He will not rush you into making hasty decisions because he genuinely cares for his clients, whatever the cases’ outcome.

Schedule a Free Consultation Now

If you are looking for an excellent Santa Cruz County DUI lawyer, look no further than Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr. You can schedule a free consultation with him today by filling out the form on this page or calling his office directly. You can reach him at (831) 753-0303.

With Jose Angel Velasquez, Sr., you can sleep soundly at night knowing he will deliver justice on a silver platter the next day.

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