DUI Defense

With over 37 years of legal experience, many of which were spent on the bench as a former Superior Court Judge, José Velásquez, Sr. knows how to present convincing evidence to zealously defend his clients’ rights and freedom.  He can defend you against DUI charges whether this is your first offense or a subsequent offense.  

An Aggressive Defense to Keep You Out of Jail

Mr. Velásquez will mount a vigorous defense on your behalf to prevent you from being locked up or facing other serious consequences due to a DUI conviction.  He may raise various defenses, based on the particular circumstances, surrounding your case.  Some defenses that may apply include:

  • Illegal stop – Cops cannot stop you for any reason. If you should have never been stopped in the first place, Mr.  Velásquez can argue that any resulting evidence from an illegal stop should be excluded.
  • Inaccurate BAC reading –If you had a BAC reading above the legal limit, there may have been problems with the testing or the machine.  Velásquez can investigate if the machine was defective or not recently calibrated.  He can also determine if you received a false positive due to using mouthwash or recently eating something.  
  • Procedural mistakes –There may be procedural mistakes that the law enforcement agency or officer made, such as not following proper protocol when setting up a sobriety checkpoint or not completing field sobriety tests correctly.
  • Medical conditions – Certain medical conditions may impact how your body digests alcohol or why you may perform poorly on a field sobriety test.

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