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Trusted DUI Attorney in Seaside, CA

DUI charges are a serious offense that is a severe problem for all drivers, not just in Seaside, CA, but all across the states. For example, suppose they have proven that you get caught driving under drugs or alcohol. In that case, you could face different charges, and worse, it could lead to your driver’s license termination. To avoid this long-term problem, you need to hire an excellent and Trusted Seaside CA DUI Attorney to stand on your side to help you understand the charges. He will guide you on every step you have to take, and most importantly, your DUI attorney can save you from getting imprisoned for a very long time.

DUI Lawyer Seaside, CA

Now is the time to find the excellent DUI Defense Attorney in Seaside, CA, that can represent you.

DUI charges are complex, and many areas of the DUI law are complicated. So, hiring an average, ordinary, and non-credible defense attorney will never save you from severe consequences lying ahead. A not knowledgeable DUI attorney without enough legal training to interpret every corner of the DUI law can easily lead you to a negative result. Jose Angel Velasquez is, a local DUI Lawyer in Seaside, CA, is a Superior Court Judge that presided over more than 70,000 cases in his 37 years career. Jose Angel Velasquez can help you to dismiss or downgrade the DUI charges.

Arrested for DUI in Seaside? Read Our Guide to DUI Laws in Seaside

DUI charges differ in every state. But generally, it is a serious offense that puts the driver’s life and the lives of others in danger. So how do you charge a driver for DUI at the Seaside?

Under California’s DUI laws, it states that every driver is prohibited from operating any vehicle (including bikes, scooters, and boats) while under the effects of every type of alcohol drug. (These include medicines prescribed by doctors) As long as the substances intoxicated the driver and affected their ability to drive. Similar to other states’ DUI laws, Seaside measures the (BAC) blood alcohol concentration. If The BAC level reaches and exceeds .08%, a driver is considered DUI.

For some drivers, such as commercial drivers, the BAC level is 0.04% and above. And in California, zero tolerance law is applied to state that drivers ages under 21 are illegal to drive a vehicle. If an underage is DUI, their BAC level standard is 0.01% or more.

Talk to a Seaside DUI Defense Attorney

Consulting a credible DUI lawyer can help you understand the situation and prevent the charges from leading to the worst outcome.

Jose Angel Velasquez is a DUI Lawyer in Seaside, CA. He held different cases over his career, inducing DUI charges. Velasquez can guide you in understanding the DUI law and how to mitigate the situation.

Hire the best Seaside DUI Attorney

Finding a DUI attorney is not difficult. There are so many DUI attorneys residing here in Seaside, CA, but choosing the best one is what you should prioritize. Here are some criteria you should consider.

Attorneys with solid experience.

Look for attorneys that show credentials. It is better to hire someone with an outstanding record on the court. These only show that they can represent you to avoid serious long-term consequences. The attorney should require a reliable understanding of the broad field of DUI law.

Plea bargains and trials

An attorney with skillful thinking can lead the cases to a plea bargain. That is an excellent option, unlike facing more damage and avoiding imprisonment. The attorney capable of doing this complex play is those who have decent experience. Also, it is worth noting to consider his expertise in different criminal law cases.

DUI Penalties in Seaside California

DUI Penalties are different for each state. It depends on the area’s jurisdiction of how they apply DUI law. Still, generally, you will receive multiple problems if you get charged for DUI. This could lead to your driver’s license suspension. Here in Seaside, California, the penalties for a DUI vary depending on how worse the charges are. DUI offenses can continue to stay on your record for ten years. The offense can reach until 3rd DUI offense and is equivalent to a fine that increases depending on the level of the crime.


1st offense is equivalent to up to 6 months, and jail

2nd offense is equivalent to 96 hours up to 1 year

3rd offense is equivalent to 120 days up to 1 year


1st offense is equivalent to $ 390 up to $ 1,000

2nd offense is equivalent to $ 390 up to $ 1,000

3rd offense can be equivalent up to $ 1,800


1st offense is equivalent to 6 months suspension

2nd offense is equivalent to 2 years suspension

3rd offense is equivalent to 3 years suspension

Suppose the offender refuses to get tested for BAC content. In that case, they will pay a $125 fine, potentially leading to a license suspension.

DUI Lawyer Seaside, CA – Don’t Lose Your DUI Case

DUI charges can have a long-term impact on us, so how to avoid losing the case?

Few eligible attorneys can surely help you to avoid future problems and penalties. For example, in Seaside, CA, one of them is Jose Angel Velasquez. He is a local DUI Lawyer in Seaside, CA, a Superior Court Judge who presided over more than 70,000 cases over his 37 years career. Jose Angel Velasquez can help you to dismiss or downgrade your DUI charges.

DUI law comes with great responsibility. Find the right attorney that can handle the case.

Jose Angel Velasquez was known to be the “People’s Lawyer.” He presided over multiple criminal matters, including DUI charges in different areas such as San Benito, Tulare, San Joaquin, Santa Crus, Monterey, and Santa Clara counties. He has proven excellent performance with his 37 years of legal experience with his credentials. Attorney Velasquez can be your defense attorney in different fields such as Criminal Division, Family Court, Drug Court, Traffic Court, Juvenile Court, and Civil Department. He is the right defense attorney to help you with DUI offenses.


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Jose A. Velasquez, Sr., helped me finish one of the long-time cases I’ve been trying to wrap up for years. He was utterly dedicated and worked very diligently to the end, and I’m so grateful! My experience with Mr. Velasquez Law firm has been excellent. Highly recommend!”

John Alvarez

He’s a good guy! Seriously, his compassion for his clients makes him go the extra mile.”

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Jose was professional, accessible, and thorough when we needed legal representation. Don’t face the complex legal system without a strong advocate. Mr. Velasquez is qualified and experienced.”

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Facing DUI charges can provide numerous problems and effects on our lives. To avoid being in a terrible situation, hiring a Trusted Seaside CA DUI Attorney can save you from potential imprisonment.

About Seaside California

Suppose you’re looking for a place to live that has plenty of natural beauty, mild weather, and plenty of things to do. In that case, Seaside California may be the perfect place for you. Situated on Monterey Bay, Seaside is known for its stunning coastline and lovely beaches. The town is also home to a variety of restaurants and shops and several parks and recreation areas. And thanks to its location near the Bay Area, there are always plenty of things to do in nearby towns and cities.

To have a smooth life in Seaside, you must secure a stable and growing career. One of the most sought-after careers today is undoubtedly the legal profession. Legal professionals like Jose Angel Velasquez make up an integral part of our daily lives by helping us with critical legal problems such as DUI charges.

The California DUI law is very confusing, especially for first-time offenders. A DUI Lawyer can help you understand what you are up against and provide the best way to deal with your case.

Many lawyers in Seaside, but not all of them, will fight aggressively to protect your rights and freedom. Jose Angel Velasquez has the experience and knowledge to help take care of your case. Unfortunately, the process can be confusing, especially for first-time offenders.

Attorney Velasquez focuses on providing the best assistance possible to defend you against any DUI charges or criminal matters. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Velasquez. We will provide you with the best advice.

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