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Trusted Monterey CA DUI Attorney

Trusted Monterey CA DUI Attorney

DUI cases are accidents caused by drivers that don’t listen to a simple instruction of “never drive while drunk.” I could think of two possible reasons why you’re reading this article now. It’s either you are getting charged by the authorities for DUI here in Monterey, or you are collecting valuable information to save your friend from serious problems he will be facing. When you get arrested and proven that you are driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, the consequences you might have will vary depending on your area. 

Here’s everything you need to know to prevent the severe damage DUI cases will cause.

Arrested for DUI? 

General things you should know about DUI in Monterey.

Drunk driving is a serious problem many states and countries are currently facing. This problem can endanger the driver and even involve innocent victims, all because of being insensible. The good thing in CA, the jurisdiction provides a strict DUI law to lessen this kind of accident. It also can serve as a threat to troublesome drivers who are forcing themselves to drive a vehicle while drunk and under the influence of drugs. 

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Vertical DUI Prosecution Unit is the one that is responsible for prosecuting drivers charged with DUI offenses. They assigned deputy district attorneys to review, file, and prosecute the case. If you get caught for a DUI offense, you will face heavy penalties and a long-term impact on your license. To save you from this issue, contact a Trusted Monterey CA DUI Attorney to defend you.

How to win a DUI case in Monterey, California

The only possible solution for you to win a DUI case is to hire an outstanding lawyer.

If you pleaded guilty to DUI, long-term consequences are waiting on your record, including the termination of your driver’s license and possible community services. The only viable solution for you to win a DUI case is to hire an outstanding DUI attorney that can lead you out from the complexity of DUI law. Hiring an attorney who lacks knowledge about the law will not help you defend and evade every vital piece of evidence thrown at you. Try to get in touch with Attorney Jose Angel Velasquez, SR. he’s a Superior Court Judge that understands the field of DUI law and other divisions. Jose Angel Velasquez, SR, can help you to dismiss or downgrade your DUI charges. 

What is the BAC limit in Monterey, CA?

If you take a sobriety test, your BAC content should not reach or exceed this level.

Again, different cities, different states, or areas apply a different BAC level to classify intoxicated drivers, but mostly, the BAC percentage or the limit for blood alcohol content is 0.08%. If the authorities prove that your BAC content reaches this level, expect to face the punishments behind DUI law. It is also worth noting that your sobriety test resulted in a BAC of even 0.01, and you are underage (below 21). Therefore, you will be automatically charged for DUI. This law is applied in every state and area, including in Monterey.

What field are sobriety tests allowed in Monterey, CA?

The breathalyzer test is a device most states are using to measure the alcohol content of the drivers.

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office is responsible for DUI offenders. They review, investigate, and prosecute the DUI cases here in Monterey. A breathalyzer test is the DUI test often used by authorities for people suspected of driving while intoxicated by drugs and alcohol. If your BAC content shown is 0.08%, you will charge for violating the law. Commonly, when a driver takes the breathalyzer test, the result can be positive for up to 12 hours after intaking alcoholic drinks.

Equivalent consequences of DUI offense

The offense has damage on your record for almost ten years. 

In Monterey, they have more strict laws towards DUI cases if your BAC shows a 0.08% or above result. You will be charged with DUI, and the penalties can vary depending on the level of the casualties, such as the number of people you have injured, killed, and harmed, also the damage you cause to public properties. Generally, a DUI offense can provide serious problems to your finances. Also, it can lead to the termination of your driver’s license. If the violator refuses the breathalyzer test, they will pay a $125 fine and a permanent license termination. The table below will determine the equivalent penalties depending on the offense level.


1st offense

Six months of jail

2nd offense

96 hours up to 1 year

3rd offense

120 days up to 1 year


1st offense

$ 390 up to $ 1,000

2nd offense

 $ 390 up to $ 1,000

3rd offense

 $ 1,800 and above


1st offense

Six months suspension

2nd offense

Two years suspension

3rd offense

Three years suspension 

The People’s Lawyer

DUI cases are complicated. Never settle on a good lawyer. Find the best one.

If you’re looking for a Trusted Monterey CA DUI Attorney, chances are multiple lawyers will offer to represent you on the court, but the question is, are they good enough? Are they able to save you from severe consequences lying ahead? Before deciding who to choose, better review their credentials, look for their experiences and expertise, make sure that he has a total capacity to understand and guide you in DUI laws. 

Private Attorney Jose Velasquez proved a lot during his career to be named the “People’s Lawyer. He held and won multiple cases in different areas and cities, including Monterey, CA. During his 37 years of legal experience, his credentials prove to understand various fields of law, such as Criminal Division, Family Court, Drug Court, Traffic Court, Juvenile Court, Civil Department, and DUI cases. He is the right defense attorney to make you win your DUI case.

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Getting charged for a DUI offense needs your attorney’s serious strategy and analogy with the case. You are fighting for your life, independence, license, and career. There are so many eligible attorneys in California that you can hire, but finding the Trusted Monterey CA DUI Attorney is what you should prioritize.

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