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He is the only former Superior Court Judge that has been involved in cases before the Supreme Court of the United States

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    About Jose Velasquez

    José comes from the poor side of town and has fought against the mainstream and “good old boys” for decades. He has been called, “The People’s Lawyer” and he stands against all odds and will not back off.

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    I hired Jose to help out with a couple of car accidents where my accidents were complicated because of something that wasn’t my fault. I was worried because I wasn’t sure how to sort out everything but Jose got it sorted out after just a couple of meetings. Jose made the transition of my cases a lot stress free while he worked. I’d hire him again.

    Rebecca Gilpas

    Rebecca Gilpas

    November 5, 2020

    Joe Velasquez is an attorney who has plenty of success in law He has that boldness and legal cause consumers expect their attorneys to be competent and confident and joe has those attributes.

    Reyes Rivera

    Reyes Rivera

    November 1, 2020

    Knowledgeable of the law, and a fierce performer towards his client’s legal rights under the written law.

    Robert Reyes

    Robert Reyes

    October 28, 2020

    Jose A. Velasquez assisted us with an issue in our family several years ago. Mr. Velasquez is a caring, quick-working, empathetic, and well prepared as he helped us through my situation. I would not hesitate to ask for his assistance again. He was extremely helpful with us, and our lives were changed for the better because of him.

    Nancy Varela

    Nancy Varela

    October 28, 2020

    Corporation Agreements

    Corporation Agreements

    Contracts are central to the success of your business. They protect your interests and spell out your rights if the contract terms are not carried out. They will also agree that it is legally binding and provide you with enforcement options.

    A seasoned attorney like José Velasquez, Sr. is well-versed in state contract laws. He presided over more than 70,000 cases as a former Superior Court judge, many of which included contracts and commercial transactions. He is aware of the clauses you should add in your contract to guard your interests and the kinds of agreements that can be enforced.

    An expert attorney can also advise when your contracts should be amended, such as when your company or the legislation changes. He can also examine your current collection of contracts and offer advice on how to make them stronger. In addition, Mr. Velasquez can use his vast experience as a seasoned litigator to defend your rights if your contract needs to be implemented.

    Violations of Local and Federal Codes

    Educated on a Vast Range of Local and Federal Code Rule Violations, Judge José Velasquez Sr. presided over municipal and supreme courts for approximately 15 years, and as a result, he is familiar with numerous local and federal ordinances, such as town, zoning, and uniform codes; abatement measures; defending code violations in court; and violations of the public disturbance.

    Mr. Velasquez can analyze your current requirements and drawings to ascertain whether you comply with local and federal codes. In addition, he can assist with developing a targeted code conformance program, staff training, and compliance-enhancing seminars.

    Mr. Velasquez is capable of representing you in administrative proceedings and throughout the administrative citations procedure if you are having problems with code violations.

    Criminal Defense

    If you have been arrested or are under investigation in the Salinas area, having an experienced local criminal defense lawyer is critical.

    Why Should You hire Jose Velasquez as Your Lawyer?

    Suppose you want a super lawyer who can defend your rights and is knowledgeable about the judicial process. The best choice is to hire Jose A. Velasquez of Salinas, California; you will receive your expected results. Jose has over 37 years of experience practicing law and a strong reputation. He has defended clients in various situations, including family court, criminal defense, and personal injury. Jose is exceptionally qualified to represent Latino customers because he is multilingual and knowledgeable about Latino cultural values. So, if you want a lawyer who will advocate and achieve your objectives, get in touch with Jose A. Velasquez immediately; he won't let you down.

    Trusted Salinas CA DUI Lawyer

    With over 37 years of legal experience, many of which as a former Superior Court Judge, Santa Cruz DUI Lawyer, José Velasquez knows how to present convincing evidence to defend his client's rights and freedom. He can build your defense against DUI (driving under the influence) charges, whether this is your first or subsequent offense.

    Personal Injury

    If you have been injured because of someone else's negligence, you may have the right to be compensated for your injuries. Therefore, you must retain the services of an experienced super lawyer who knows how to advance your claim inside and outside the courtroom. With over 37 years of legal experience, including 15 years as a California judge, José Velasquez Sr. knows how to make a convincing argument to help obtain maximum compensation for his clients.

    Domestic Abuse

    Under the law of California, hurting or threatening to injure a spouse, roommate, co-parent, dating partner, or an intimate relationship is against the law in California. Parents, kids, and other family members may occasionally be listed as protected individuals. If you are found guilty of domestic violence, you may be subject to harsh punishments, such as incarceration and the loss of your right to possess guns. Additionally, you have to finish an obligatory monitoring program if you are detained for domestic violence. The program will involve therapy, anger management workshops, and routine check-ins with a probation officer. The program's rules may have been broken, in which case you could face additional sanctions. Domestic abuse is a severe problem.

    Traffic Tickets

    If you receive a traffic ticket in California, you may think you should pay it and forget about it. However, this approach can have several serious consequences, which is why it is crucial.

    Legal Tactics that are Proactively in Protecting your Rights

    Mr. Velasquez is knowledgeable about the subtleties of the criminal justice system and has more than 39 years of professional experience. He will collaborate closely with you to create a unique legal plan that upholds your liberties and freedoms. He will argue for an early conclusion of the allegations against you if there is insufficient evidence to support them. He will attempt to have the proof eliminated if it was fraudulently obtained. By learning your background, he can determine if it would be to his best advantage to explore a conditional discharge or plead guilty to a lesser charge. But he is prepared to stand up for you in every situation and defend your civil protections. Every case is unique. Velasquez will customize his legal team based on your case's particular circumstances and facts.


    Relationships with judges, prosecutors, and supervisors in the DA's office can be a powerful tool. They can be a crucial tool for success when negotiating deals or getting results for our clients!


    Getting things done in a criminal courtroom is no easy task. Jose has helped countless people with their legal needs, and he is always fighting for the best representation possible.

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    Why Hire Jose Velasquez

    He understands the criminal justice system like no one else, which allows him to provide clients with intimate knowledge and understanding.

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    Relationships are Crucial

    Relationships with judges, prosecutors, and supervisors in the DA's office can be a powerful tool. They can be a crucial tool for success when negotiating deals or getting results for our clients!

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    Jose will never give up

    Getting things done in a criminal courtroom is no easy task. Jose has helped countless people with their legal needs, and he is always fighting for the best representation possible.